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Idea and Concept

We believe that finding the best buddy should be easy, secure and timesaving. Nobody wants to skim daily or weekly through endless lists of profiles. The app should do this for you and notifying you about suitable people.


  • how can you find someone interested in the same activities – taking into consideration that you are not always available and you don’t want to travel too far?
  • how can you ensure that you don’t give away your phone number or e-mail address to somebody without getting the same information from this unknown person?
  • how will you be informed once a suitable buddy registers?

The answer comes with ‚duett‘.

How does it work?






Credits to buy (In-App Purchase)

  • 5 Credits (no discount)
  • 10 Credits (for the price of 8)
  • 20 Credits (for the price of 15)
  • 50 Credits (for the price of 30)

Your data is in save and good hands
Every duett (iPhone) user identifies itself with his own Apple ID. Like this we reduce fake accounts and add trust to the app from the beginning.

All data is kept in Apple’s „CloudKit„. We will not give this data to anybody else.

When searching for a buddy, all your data (excluding your picture) is kept secret. Only if both of the parties agree, phone numbers and e-mail addresses will be given to the other person.

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Thanks to

  • Fabrizio Füchslin (programming)
  • Michael Ziörjen (design)
  • Patrick Butscher (requirements)